Consider These Methods Of Disposal When You Change Your Own Oil

5 July 2016
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


One of the benefits of visiting an oil change center with your vehicle is that you know the dirty motor oil will be disposed of properly. However, if you've decided that you want to change your own oil, it's important that you have a clear plan for dealing with the dirty oil. You'll have several quarters of unusable oil once you're done the job, and you can't simply pour it down the nearest sewer drain or bottle it up and place in your garbage bin. Here are some different methods that you can use to safely get rid of your dirty motor oil.

Preparing Your Oil

Before you can seek out a location that will accept your used motor oil, you need to prepare it in the proper manner. After you've finished changing your oil, the used oil is likely in a plastic tub. Buy a funnel (funnels and oil tubs are commonly sold together at automotive parts stores) and pour the dirty oil into a plastic container. An empty oil jug is suitable, but you can also use an empty windshield washer fluid jug or even a juice or milk jug, provided that it's large enough to hold the oil. Securely affix the cap and wipe any spilled oil off the sides of the jug so you don't make a mess when you're transporting the oil.

Municipal Facility

Check your city or municipality's website and find out the location of the facility at which you can drop off used motor oil. Many cities have such a facility, although it may only be open on a given day, such as each Saturday. These waste depots also commonly take in household hazardous waste and other material that you cannot place in your household garbage bin. For example, this facility will typically also collect paint, batteries, and even yard waste.

Recycling Depot

If your community has a recycling depot, there's a good chance that it will collect your used motor oil so that it can be recycled. Check the depot's website or call to confirm this information.

Retail Locations

Many retail locations across your city will accept used motor oil that they can contribute to the local recycling program. Automotive garages, for example, commonly encourage local residents to place their used motor oil in a designated area outside the shop. Oil change centers, gas stations, and even some automotive parts retailers also have similar collection programs.