A Couple of Important Questions About Windshield Replacements Addressed

18 July 2016
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The windshield of your car is one of the easier parts of the vehicle to overlook. Unfortunately, this can cause some car owners to make the error of delaying repairing damage to the glass, which can result in the windshield needing to be replaced. After you have the following couple of auto glass repair questions answered, you will be better prepared to handle this issue.

Why Can't Some Types of Damage Be Repaired?

Some drivers may be surprised to learn that some cracks and chips cannot be repaired. However, the repair process for chipped or cracked auto glass will require a special resin being injected into the crack. When the crack is particularly large, this resin will not be able to properly bond to the glass, and this can limit its ability to reinforce the glass.

Unfortunately, minor cracks and chips will grow in size due to moisture seeping into them. Moisture will put pressure on the already weakened glass, which will lead to the cracks growing. Additionally, if flying debris strikes the weakened area of the glass, this can also lead to a crack or chip rapidly increasing in size. This makes it critical for you to have these chips and cracks repaired as quickly as possible.

What Should You Expect from Having Your Car's Damaged Windshield Replaced?

If you have delayed repairing your windshield, the damage may have been able to spread. When this occurs, replacing the windshield will be the only viable option. Unfortunately, some people will assume that replacing the windshield will be an inconvenient task. Luckily, you should be aware that this process can be completed rather quickly, and it is possible to hire a mobile auto glass replacement service. Using a mobile service will allow you to have the glass replaced whether you are at home or work.

When the auto glass is replaced, a technician will carefully remove the damaged pane of glass and thoroughly clean the edges around the frame of the windshield. An extremely powerful adhesive will be applied around the frame before the new glass is carefully put into position. This adhesive can take several hours to dry, and you will want to avoid driving the car until this adhesive has fully dried. In addition to waiting to drive the car, you will also want to delay washing it for a couple of days to give the adhesive time to cure. If you wash the car before the adhesive has fully cured, you may cause the windshield to come loose.

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