Prevent Road Tar From Tarnishing Your Vehicle With These Strategies

24 July 2016
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Whether you have a new vehicle or you're simply eager to protect an older vehicle, the last thing you want to experience is getting road tar on the lower parts of the vehicle's body panels. This black, sticky substance can solidly bond to the body panels and be difficult to remove. In extreme cases of damage, you may wish to visit your local auto body shop to see if the tar can be ground off and the panels can be refinished. In lesser instances, however, you may be able to remove the tar on your own. Here are some tips on how to do so.

Timing Is Everything

The longer that road tar is allowed to sit on your vehicle, the harder it will be to eventually remove — perhaps to the point that you need to have a body panel replaced to restore the pristine look of your vehicle. It's in your best interest to always take a look at the exterior of your vehicle when you return home, and especially if you're driven through a construction zone that may have had wet tar. If you notice any, you'll be able to deal with it promptly.

Go The Commercial Route

It can be worthwhile to visit an automotive store once you realize you have tar on your vehicle. Many such stores sell tar remover, which is a liquid product that you can spray onto the affected areas, let the cleaning solution sit for a short period of time to work its magic and then scrub the area clean. This product works best when the tar is fresh; you may have trouble finding success with it when you're dealing with old, dry tar.

Use What You Have

In some cases, you can use a common household product to remove small areas of tar from your vehicle. Penetrating oil spray is often effective for this job. Affix the straw to the can so you can carefully control the spray of the oil, and then apply it to the tar spots on your vehicle's body panels. Let the spray sit for a few minutes and then wipe it away with a clean cloth. You may notice that some tar remains. Simply repeat the process until all of the tar is gone.

Drive Carefully In The Future

The best way to deal with tar on the body of your vehicle is to avoid it altogether. Try to take a quick detour when you see signs of construction ahead of you, especially if the road is being paved. Before you travel, it's also a good idea to check a real-time mapping app to see if there are any construction areas on your route, so that you can then avoid them. Click for more information about road tar.