Customizing Your Wheels: Three Ways You Can Achieve A Unique Look

30 July 2016
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Of all the ways you could personalize the look of your vehicle, the wheels are probably the most effective. When people see your car moving down the street, they tend to see the car's body first, and everything else second. However, if you have something flashy moving, like the wheels, then everyone else stops to see what is catching their eyes. Here are three ways you can achieve a unique look on your vehicle by customizing your wheels.

Maximize and Elevate

You can maximize the size of your vehicle's wheels, to "monster size," by customizing and elevating the axles and drive train(s) that steer and control them. This is definitely not a job for the DIYer, unless you have a background in automotive custom body work. You will need to take your vehicle to such a shop and ask them to do all the axle and drive train work for you before you add bigger wheels. The wheels will also elevate your vehicle off the ground (if you choose larger wheels) so you may want to add some features that will help you get into the driver's seat (e.g., a few steps on the side of the vehicle or grab bars).

Fancy Rims

Rims are definitely one way to customize the wheels on your vehicle. Fancy rims in single-color chrome, two-tone chrome and even shiny black are available from manufacturers like Varrstoen, and you can buy Varrstoen wheels online, so long as you know how big the rims need to be for your vehicle. If you need a custom size of fancy rims, that is something you will have to talk to a manufacturer or auto body shop about, since these will have to be made with just your vehicle's wheel size in mind.

Different-Colored Rubber Tires

As a general rule, most tires are black. However, you can get rubber tires that are all white, white-walled around the rims but black otherwise, and even custom-colored rubber tires (e.g., red, for example, or red-walled). Anything other than black or white-walled tires have to be special-ordered, which can only be done through a tire and wheel specialist who knows which tire manufacturers are willing to create a custom set of alternatively-colored tires. Additionally, the tire treads can be a different color as well, something that really makes your tires stand out from the rest (if you do not opt for white or various other colors). When combined with any of the above customization options, you get some really flashy wheels for your ride.