How To Buy A Good Used Semi-Trailer Truck Based On The VHR

13 June 2016
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Are you thinking about investing in a semi-trailer truck, but don't want to spend too much money? Opting for a used truck might be the solution to your problem. However, you should check the vehicle history report first when you come across a used semi-trailer that you are interested in buying.  Keep in mind that you will need the vehicle identification number (VIN) of the truck to obtain the vehicle history report (VHR). Below, you will learn about what to look for when viewing a used semi-trailer's VHR.

1. Learn About the Mileage

By obtaining the VHR of the semi-trailer truck that you are interested in, you will be able to see how many miles the truck has been driven. You can't rely on the reading on the odometer because it could possibly be broken or tampered with, especially with the truck being used. It is important to find the accurate mileage because it can give you a good idea of how much longer you can expect the semi-trailer truck to last.

2. Discover the History of Accidents

One of the perks of getting the VHR of a used semi-trailer truck is that you can view the vehicle's accident history. The number and severity of accidents that a used truck has been in can say a lot about its overall condition and give you a sense of the damages the truck might have.

3. View the Repairs That Were Done

A VHR can tell you about repairs that were done to a used semi-trailer truck, which is important if the truck is an older model. It is possible that you can find a used semi-trailer truck that has parts in it that are in a barely used condition, which could increase the longevity and the value of the vehicle. The VHR will tell you about all of the repairs that were made by all previous owners.

4. Determine If the Truck Has Any Liens

When a lien is on a used semi-trailer truck, it means that a previous owner used it as collateral for a loan. The VHR will show any liens that need to be paid off. If you discover a lien and still want the truck, you can show the VHR to the salesman to attempt negotiating a better deal. To discover more on VHRs and used semi-trailer trucks, visit a dealership to find a vehicle that meets your needs.