Learn How To Choose A Rental Truck To Use To Tow Your New Boat

6 July 2016
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


If you have recently purchased a boat that you need to put into the water, but you do not own a truck, you may want to consider renting one. If you do not plan to take the boat back out of the water any time soon, renting the truck will allow you to quickly and easily get the boat into the water without having to spend the money on actually purchasing a vehicle to tow it. Use the guide below to learn what things to consider before renting a truck to use to tow your new boat.

Consider the Weight of the Boat

The first thing you need to do is consider how much the boat weighs. Every truck has a maximum weight load that it can tow. You want to be sure that you rent a truck that has a weight load that can handle the weight of your boat. If you are unsure how much your boat weighs, you should be able to look inside of the boat and see a label near the driver's seat that tells you the weight of the boat.

Consider Where You Have to Drive the Boat

Next, you need to consider the launching site where you will be putting the boat into the water. There are some launching sites that are steep and can be a bit precarious when trying to launch a boat for the first time. You want to be sure that you rent a truck that has four-wheel drive so that you can easily keep a grip on the grass, asphalt, or concrete that is under the truck as you try to launch the boat into the water, regardless of how steep the incline is at the launching point.

Consider the Hitch for the Truck

Finally, you need to look at the hitch of the truck. Not all hitches are alike. You need to check the hitch cap on your boat trailer to see how large or small of a hitch you need. The rental company should have multiple sizes of hitches available so that you can have the right hitch for your particular boat trailer.

Be sure that the truck rental company allows you to rent the truck only for the specific time that you need it. There are some companies that rent trucks for a 24-hour minimum, while others charge on an hourly rate. Renting the truck by the hour could save you a lot of money in the end because you will not pay for time that you are not actually using it. Contact a business, such as Allard Rentals, for more information.