3 Exterior Vehicle Enhancements Ideal For Parade Vehicles

7 July 2016
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


When driving in a parade, you want your vehicle to stand out among the pack. Being involved in a parade is an honor and you can have your vehicle dress the part. Instead of just giving your ride a quick waxing, there are multiple exterior enhancements you can supply to the ride. Each one of these enhancements will help make your vehicle shine and shimmer down any parade route it travels. Whether you're in one parade or multiple parades, you can contact an auto body repair shop to have three different upgrades installed.

Paint Defect Removal & Upgrades

One of the first things that parade on-lookers will notice with your vehicle is the paint job. As you cruise down a parade route, you want your car to shine and glimmer in bright areas. Make your car really stand out by bringing it to an auto body shop for paint defect removal and upgrades. During this process, technicians will buffer out any scratches, nicks, or faded areas of your vehicle's paint. Once all of the scratches are buffed out, paint and polish can be applied to the car. The polish can help give you car a nice shine that will really stand out during the parade route. For more information, contact Select Collision Centers Inc or a similar company.


The spoiler on a car can really draw attention from parade spectators. If your car doesn't have a spoiler, then an auto  body technician can mount and install one. The new spoiler can match the color of your vehicle. You can choose a large design that really stands tall on the back of a vehicle. A large spoiler is also ideal for attaching extra parade accessories. For example, you can add a flagpole to the center of a spoiler. This is ideal for displaying flags during your parade route.

Novelty Lights

When traveling in a parade, your vehicle can have features that are not normally seen on the road. Even during the day, a number of lighting upgrades can have an impact on a parade. For example, an auto body company can install a light bar on the top of the vehicle. This light bar can be used to display all different colors or even custom messages that go across the lights. Novelty lights can also be installed under the car or as replacement headlights and taillights. You can choose different light colors to go with various themes. For example, a Fourth of July parade may have colored lights that feature red, white, and blue bulbs.