Five Common Custom Truck Parts

7 July 2016
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


If you've invested in a new truck, for work, play, or both, you want that truck to be the best that it can be on multiple levels. You probably also want to add a few options to make that truck more attuned to your unique work and life styles. That's where custom truck options can help. Custom truck parts run the gamut from extra large wheels to truck bed accessories.

Five popular custom truck options

  1. Truck bed covers. If you haul items around in the bed of your truck, such as landscaping mulch or even antiques from an estate sale, you'll need a way to keep these items dry in inclement weather and away from curious (and perhaps larcenous) passersby. A hard or soft-shelled bed cover can keep your cargo secure.
  2. Custom wheels. Custom truck wheels and rims are another popular option. These chrome, galvanized steel or even colored options help individualize your truck and give a bit of your own unique style.
  3. Running boards. Custom running boards add both style and function. They also make it easier for you and your passengers to enter and exit your truck. If your truck is your only vehicle and/or you carry a lot of passengers, you'll likely want to invest in running boards. After all, you don't want your date twisting her ankle while getting out of your truck.
  4. Bed accessories. A bed cover isn't the only accessory you may want to consider for your truck. A bed liner makes cleaning the bed much easier after you haul a messy load. A bed extender gives you precious extra room to fit that new equipment, new tree, or antique armoire. A gun rack keeps your rifle and/shotgun accessible without getting scratched or banged around in the truck bed or cab.
  5. Tool boxes. If you use your truck for work, perhaps as a contractor, a roofing specialist, or an electrician, you want to have your tools accessible without having to lug them inside at the end of the day. A tool box that is fitted to the bed of your truck will keep your tools organized as well as secure when you're not working. Such boxes make use of vertical space, so they take little away from your truck bed capacity.

As a new truck owner, you'll want to add a few custom accessories to make your truck as useful and attractive as possible. Consider custom wheels, bed accessories, running boards, and tool boxes.