3 Tips to Get the Most Miles out of Foreign Diesel Motors

8 July 2016
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


You may have always dreamed of owning a foreign model car and are now finally able to afford one. There are many different types of models, but many foreign cars have diesel engines. If this is your first diesel vehicle, you may want to know a little about the differences between gasoline and diesel vehicles and about the special maintenance that you may need to have done. Here are some tips to help you get the most miles out of your car with diesel motor maintenance.

1.  Changing Fluids in Winter for Cold-Weather Driving

One of the differences with diesel is that it is a denser fuel. This means that in colder temperatures, the fuel can become too thick and cause trouble with starting your car, as well as with the car's performance. If you want to avoid this issue, in winter, have a thicker oil and other lubricants installed in your car. This will help prevent problems with the car not starting and other issues that can come from diesel fuel becoming too cold.

2.  Change Filters and Remove Water from the Separation System

The filters in a gasoline vehicle can go for many miles without being changed, and this only has a minimal effect on performance. With a diesel car, the filters need to be changed as often as you change your oil. In addition, you may want to check the filters occasionally between oil changes. The fuel filter can especially affect performance, and using the less-refined diesel fuel can cause them to become clogged and can cause other problems with your car's fuel system.

3. Have Fuel Injectors Cleaned and the Fuel System Maintained

In addition to the fuel filter, injectors can also be damaged by bad diesel. Even if you always fill your car up with premium fuel, you will have to eventually have the injectors cleaned. This is something that you will want to have done every few oil changes. In addition, you may want to talk with a repair service that works with the make of car you have, such as an Audi repair service, about doing other maintenance, such as flushing water out of the fuel system, which is usually done with some type of filter or separating system because diesel often contains a certain percentage of water.

These are some tips that will get more miles out of your foreign car. If you need help with things like cleaning injectors, changing fluids, or other maintenance, contact a repair service to help you with all your diesel repair needs.